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I’m passionate to guide the process from conception to execution, knowing that we have done everything to the best of our ability, every step of the way.

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Skills95%100%CraftsmanshipArtistryKindnessMeet Beth Nybeck.

It is my belief that artwork has the ability to influence people, communities, and the world at large. I have worked collaboratively on projects both in the public and private sector.

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Skills Craftsmanship Artistry Work Ethic Meet Larry Buechel.

I don’t want to grow stagnant, but remain flexible. I would die if I didn’t do something different everyday.

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Skills100%97%95%CraftsmanshipArtistryExperienceLarry Buechel

Some of the projects created in The Shop which may be seem prominently displayed are:

Since its inception, MachineHead has amassed an impressive collection of machining equipment while building an outstanding reputation for its capabilities.

MachineHead has technical expertise, associated equipment and resources to design and fabricate a broad spectrum of physical forms in service to engineers, architects, designers, artists and those involved in the signage industries.

Additionally, the shop is continuously updated and maintained to produce to optimum of solutions for each and ever one of its wide variety of clientele.

This facility can meet the highest standards of quality while taking on the stoutest of challenges.

About us

The broad spectrum of Machine Head’s capabilities results in a boundless variety of types of projects which are concepted, designed/planned and/or just fabricated within its walls. Whether it’s a simple machining or welding job, a complicated three dimensional sign, or fine art pieces requiring unequivocal precision–each receives acute attention to detail and master craftsmanship.

MachineHead was established in the fall of 1998 and is a 4,000 square foot, comprehensively equipped machine and fabrication resource located in the heart of the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Meet Amie Jacobsen

I’ve been a life-long artist & designer, and am enjoying combining my love and color and detail with new materials, metal work, and product design. I want my work to be the conversation piece in a room.

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Skills90%99%Artistry100%CraftsmanshipIdeasFacts about Ranger.
Meet Gary Gardenhire.

I find inspiration in nature and enjoy translating that through 3D design. I am passionate about the design-build process and the challenge of taking something new every day.

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Skills95%90%CraftsmanshipArtistryBrain PowerLarry Buechel