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From tiny delicate brackets to hold priceless glass panels to remaking bronze hinges for a 1936 Duesenberg, We've seen a lot of different challenges. We enjoy working with all different types of metal. For some clients we are the only option for making or repairing a broken part that they don't make any more. If you've looked everywhere else, give us a call.

Design-3D Drafting- Consulting

If you have an idea for a project, but need a little help with flushing it out, we can help. Some of our clients like to stop by and "pick our brains" to problem solve. Others may walk in knowing only that they need a table or light fixture. For these Clients, we like to meet with them at their space and get an idea of what will work best for them. With our 3 D Drafting software we are able to look at a completed piece before we have cut any metal.

Architectural Metal Work - Aerial Apparatus Fabrication - Stage Scenery and Prop Making

We made large structural elements for Building Restoration projects as well as decorative finishing pieces. We have made several Range Hoods, Light Fixtures, and Furniture Pieces. We have also worked with different performance companies to make everything from scenic elements and risers to Lyra and other aerial apparatus.

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