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Dick Jobe and the staff at Machine Head combine the sensibilities of an artist with the materials expertise of a first rate machine shop. If you can conceive it, the Machine Heads can make it reality. And they are a pleasure to work with! From the unique sculpture TIME BALL to our unusual CAT track benches, and now BULLDOZER, Machine Head takes thought to reality.

Mike Whalen

Heart of America Group

I’ve been doing business with Dick Jobe, and Machine Head for several years. They have the knowledge and expertise to help me with almost every machining and tooling need. It is a pleasure to do business with these guys. Even if I just have a simple question or idea, they are helpful and intuitive. If you have a project that requires precision with a personal touch, Machine Head delivers.

Ken Grupe

Marshall Spring Manufacturing

We have worked with Dick Jobe and Machine Head for ten years plus and will continue to do so as they routinely provide invaluable experience expertise and advise and deliver what we want on time, within budget and always with a little more attention to detail than we imagined.

Tom Stiller
Square One Collaborative, Inc.

Dick is also a teacher, and loves to educate the people he works with about the process and materials. Machine Head is not a place where you drop-off and pick-up, its a creative environment where the customer is part of the process and benefits in many ways.  He has a well spring of positive energy to plow through the most challenging projects and come out on top.

Jesse Small
Small Studio

After renovating a building on the West end of the Plaza for our offices we wanted to add an "art" archway entrance constructed of various metals to our back parking lot. The first and only person I would call for such a job is Dick at Machine Head. As is always the case, Dick made it happen efficiently and cost effectively.

Don Montague
MMGY Worldwide

Dick Jobe puts the Machine Head in Machine Head.  His approach to unique works of functional metal art has been a great addition to our building and work environment. From landscape railings to conference room tables to special decor accents, we always get progressive ideas, distinctive products and a fun work collaboration.

Clayton Reid
MMGY Worldwide

We have enjoyed working with Machine Head on many projects including custom kitchen hoods, artist projects and custom fabrication jobs. They have the same philosophy as Gieske that only the best is good enough. We always look forward to working with Machine Head on projects in the Kansas City area.

Steve Bone
Gieske Custom Metal Fabricators Inc.
Kansas City, MO

I have two companies: one creates motion-picture special affects, and the other solves technical problems in the commercial construction and equipment industry, so we need crazy out-of-the-box problem-solving work to be done, and Machine Head is your go-to guy. Dick Jobe and his crew can deliver; they create great solutions that work the first time, craftsmanship is over the top, and above everything else it's such a wonderful experience to work with Dick and the rest of the Machine Head crew.  

Jeff Owens CEO
Owens Enterprises

I have worked with Dick Jobe over the last 10 years. I have always found that Machine Head produces high quality work. In addition to that I produced fused glass for a project called Eiko. It was the largest fused glass panel I had ever made. In order to frame and install the panel Dick's innovation was to create a completely custom frame that allowed for and followed a very irregular edge. The work turned out fantastic, that’s the way I have always felt about working with Machine Head.

Dierk Van Keppel
Rock Cottage Glassworks, Inc.

Machine Head is my "go to" vendor for all things metal -- and whenever it really matters to me. They have done all the exterior and interior metal signage for my company -- as well as numerous projects that needed metal bracing and/or support. Machine Head has also done numerous personal projects for me -- like a metal outdoor table -- and bracing for our marble bar in our kitchen. I value the way they think... conceptually and practically. I value how they listen to my needs – and then come back with solutions that really work. I value the quality of their work -- and their adherence to deadlines. I love their commitment to customer service. I would recommend Machine Head to anyone looking for quality, creativity and customer service.

Teri Rogers
Owner/CEO Hint
Formerly Take Two /T2 Studios

We have collaborated with Machine Head over the last few years on a variety of projects and each time we have been extremely pleased with the final product that they have created for us. Having the knowledge and expertise that Dick and Matt bring to the table allows us to explore new ideas and think outside the box when it comes to designing new and innovative ways to create art for our audience. We look forward to continuing to work with Machine Head on future projects and continuing to grow our relationship together here in Kansas City and beyond.

Daniel Barickman
Business Manager Quixotic Entertainment

Table Art

“If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”, pride of ownership and a genuinely positive attitude are the things I take away with me from my business relationship with Dick Jobe and his team at Machine Head---the “go-to” guys for getting your project done on time and with the highest quality. As an artist, I can also point to a sincere generosity and willing support for me and whatever art project I am trying to bring to reality. Thank you, Machine Head! 

Robert Quackenbush

Over the last more than 12 years, I worked with MACHINE HEAD dozens of times, and have always been tickled pink! They are GREAT. From the ease of communication, to the creative collaboration, doing business with Dick and his team ALWAYS produces outcomes that surprise even me. The best part of working with them is the FACT that they have NEVER once said, "It can't be done." And, he is a strikingly handsome man, if you are into that type.


Home Makeover

Dick takes the time to show me the processes behind metal manipulation, allowing me to grow as an artist and incorporate more detailed elements within my art.

Jana Dunn

Every time I visit Machinehead I'm blown away by the variety (and often the scale!) of the projects that Dick has in the works.

He thinks big. I see his craft all over Kansas City—and his wife Patrice's designs, too! They're the kind of people who make it great. I like that Dick hires similarly great, young artists and craftsmen to work with him and to impart his knowledge to them. In that way, his influence will continue to grow and benefit the city.

I've worked with Dick and his crew on a special project benefiting the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City for close to 10 years. The day we spend at Machinehead is one of my favorite days of the year, every year. I design artwork, and Dick and our team bring it to life. Between different materials, sizes, finishing techniques and processes, and methods of construction, we always create work that turns out way cooler than I could have devised on my own. And year after year, when we auction off our work at Art Unleashed, it gets a great response from the crowd. The Humane Society has made countless thousands of dollars from the artwork we've made at Machinehead—just think of how many homeless dogs and cats we've helped. That's the kind of guy that Dick Jobe is—he is very warm and kind, and thinks of others before he thinks of himself.

Jen Rarey

Art Unleashed

They are engineers, machinists, artists and welders all in one. You can be sure a Machine Head done part or full installation will be the best you can find. Anywhere. And the best-looking.

One piece comes to mind: a 20-ft. long 6 ft. high installation at Frontier Wealth Management in The Plaza; I hauled it in, in pieces and we built it at MH. They then installed it in the offices of FWM, with specific weight-to-surface exactness, and safety requirements.

And I'd be happy to tell you about other happy circumstances involving these guys.

Guinotte Wise

20-ft. long 6 ft. high installation at Frontier Wealth Management in The Plaza

I love working with Machine Head! He and the other heads understand what I need and get it done--with precision, with humor and with panache. (I think that's a form of beignet and only available in New Orleans, but I throw it in because if you wanted it, they'd get it for you.) They are so attentive to detail and fine points, and they see the big picture, as well, coming up with suggestions that are so helpful down the road, and beyond installation.

Jason Lutes

In the world of metalworking Dick Jobe, the Machine

Head, is a flying Unicorn with a rainbow mane. That

rare combination of elements that can neither be ex

plained nor fully defined-but when you find it you

Keep coming back to be in the presence of his energy and magic. Knowing you can never fully contain the

wonders which he commands and yet adding to mix your own vision toward the goal of creating your own

work elevated by the dynamic confluence.

Rachel Briggeman
Service Management Group

It was great working with Machine Head to develop our anniversary awards for our employee desks. We wanted something unique and Dick was able to take our initial idea and bring it to life. He talked me through different options about how we could create it and developed a sample to give us something tangible. I really appreciated his partnership and expertise through the process. It is wonderful to have such talented artists of all different genres in Kansas City.

Machine Head is a rare beast,

blending craftsmanship, artistry and technical innovation / improvisation to create one-of-a-kind pieces that simply can't be made elsewhere. We've commissioned several works from Dick Jobe and his team, each of which exceeded our expectations and are no worse for wear years in. Timely, genuinely fun to work with and likely to improve on your project in ways you hadn't even thought of, we have full trust in Machine Head to hit every curve ball we throw at them in the coming years. 

Ben Radatz

Tactical Design and Reseach Bureau

When TranSystems Corporation went through a process of re-branding, we designed an elegant and complex 3-dimensional sign for each of our 40+ office lobbies, to be precision cut and assembled from polished sheet aluminum. But who to manufacture and help ship these complex structures? Machine Head to the rescue! The quality of the end product produced by Dick Jobe and his staff was immaculate, and the entire production and fulfillment process was completed on time and on budget. Along with the lobby signs, we also asked Machine Head to produce a number of elegant and striking awards to be shared by our associates; they've become treasured artifacts and folks don't want to share!

Kanon Cozad Chief Information Officer

TranSystems Corporation

TranSystems precision cut complex 3-dimensional signs

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Dick Jobe and Machine Head for over ten years. When designing and building for a Science Center, you never quite know what you’re going to need until you need it. No matter our request, we are treated courteously and with understanding. With or without proper notice, the Machine Head team has created, recreated and mended objects in permanent and temporary exhibits.

I have been very pleased.

I have never been disappointed.

Heather McCoy
Union Station Kansas City

I have been doing business with Dick Jobe and his talented crew for over ten years and keep going back to him when I need something done correctly and on time. In my dealings with Machine Head, I have witnessed and participated in discussions breaking down the job requirements in form, function, and chronology of fabrication steps, always with the customer’s desire in mind. It’s always fun to visit his shop, view jobs in progress, and experience art and engineering in perfect symmetry. Dick and his team create substance from vision on a daily basis.

Steve Austin
Austin Iron Works

Machinehead always delivers, on time, on target, on budget.

What’s amazing about Dick Jobe’s Machine Head shop is the wide breadth of projects they undertake and accomplish, from art installations and signage, to architectural elements and custom metalwork. Dick and his Machine Head team have helped KCADC create impactful impressions for Kansas City, from memorable gifts for clients to bold lighting that cascades “KC” throughout Union Station’s Grand Hall. Machine Head has produced eye-catching signage and other custom fabrications for the KC Area Development Council... including the design + manufacture of the coveted Iron Paw award, known globally as the “Oscar” for Animal Health companies. Dick aims to please and really take care of his clients. He’s a multi-talented metal wizard … and about the nicest guy you’ll meet.

Martin Mini St. VP Marketing
Kansas City Area Development Council


Dick is a great creative problem solver, a fine craftsman, and a pleasure to work with.

I would work with Machine Head any time!

Susan White

Machine Head is our go-to business when we have extra special designs we need created in all types of metals. Dick figures out the most complex designs to give us exactly what we envision!

Jana Dunn
Kitchens By Kleweno

Kitchen Art

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